Corporate Profile

With more than two decades of wonderful experience in the middle east, Mr P.T Anvar formed PT group of companies with a mission of enhancing the people’s standard of living through integrated development. At present, its a 1005 crore annual turnover company with more than 450 dedicated employees.

Since its formation, the company has always strived for the best quality and excellence. With a pointed mission and vision, the founder members had shown their hard work and dedication by achieving a dream success. During 1996 and 1997 the group started Al Samar scrap yard and Al Ghandi est scrap yard respectively which made the journey smoother. In 2006, the group ventured into exports and opened six scrap yards in the year. And now the company holds 16 yards all over Saudi Arabia and UAE with 450 dedicated employees.

Being one of the reputed exporting companies in the Saudi Arabia, it exports 15600 tonnes non-ferrous metals to China, India, Europe, Korea and America yearly. The years of experience and knowledge in the field had boosted the group into achieving a glorious path. The company ensures its product’s quality and excellence with utmost care, therefore, it holds most popular clients, like Shareef metal LLC Sharjah, Shar metal LLC  Sharjah, Sun metal LLC, Sharjah, Ala metal LLC, Sharjah, Nishmath trading LLC, Emirates techno cars LLC, Al ahmedi techno cars LLC and Al ahmedi scrap trading LLC.

At present, PT group is supplying 72000 tonnes iron scrap for the local companies in Saudi Arabia and exporting 1,80,000 tonnes iron scrap. Kalliyath steels, Kairali TMT, Ap steel, Premier steel, Prince TMT, Sree Kumaran, Malabar TMT and South Malabar TMT are the popular clients to whom we deal the iron business.

In the year 2013, the group ventured into diversified business. LIVEHI is our one of the significant projects, under which we built 1,15,000 sq. feet area of the construction company. Mr Irshad, Mr Salam, Mr Faisal and  Mr Yunus are the founders of the PT group of companies.

PT group is a company that is highly focused on delivering international quality products in a timely manner with utmost perfection.